Web Video Use Ends U.S. Fuel Shortage

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You and I both know that the above headline is not true, and that we just used it as a means to get you to read further. Okay, so we out and out lied. But if you're still reading this, you have to admit that there have been times when even you've been frustrated while trying to drive more traffic to your own Web site, right?

Today's consumer is being bombarded by over 3500 impressions per day! He has taught himself to tune out all of the adver-noise and only pay attention to the occasionally engaging item that catches his eye... Like a sensational headline.

An even better solution

Use Video because it can tell your story more effectively, every day and every night, without having to pause even once to take a breath! So, you may be thinking, what would I say, and how would I go about saying it? Here are a few ideas you may wish to consider:

  • Testimonials
    Have your top 5 clients tell exactly why they chose you and continue to use you over your competitors.
  • Pre-Qualifiers
    Define clearly the type of clients that would benefit the most from your products or services.
  • Image-Builders
    Explain why what you offer is better than what your competitor offers for qualified clients.
  • Personnel Introductions
    Introduce your new sales team or customer service staff with a short video.
  • Process Management
    Take your future clients on a video tour that will show why you do what you do, and even explain how they will benefit.

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Ideas and Options

You'll find lots of communication ideas and options here as you browse through our site. Think about how you can incorporate our services into your next message.

  • You might need a certain voice like your favorite nightly news anchor, or perhaps something fun like Darth Vader or Homer Simpson.
  • Sometimes the right music can express exactly what you mean to say emotionally without even having to use a single spoken word.
  • The power of a moving picture to engage and emotionally connect with an audience can be compelling.

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Play sample videos at your own pace and learn how each video was used by the client.   Start the video tour!

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