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Our story is simple.

Since our founding we have partnered with hundreds of clients, using constantly changing technologies, to communicate each client's value efficiently and clearly.

This has been our story since 1976. In dog years, this represents more than a century of experience. So throw us a bone and let us work on your next project.

Chuck Duke
Co-Founder and President

Company History

  • 1976 – Caboose Productions is born (incorporated October 30)
  • 1981 – Company President, Chuck Duke, shaves his beard
  • 1991 – The boys invest in four digital audio workstations
  • 1992 – Caboose sells its reel to reel machines, buys 4 CD players
  • 1994 – Caboose sells company jet to purchase Sonny Bono wig
  • 1999 – Global recording artist Rene Jose records at Caboose
  • 2001 – Caboose adds videography services

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