Video Clips

Video Clips

Basic packages starting at $795
1 hour shoot at your location
Edited clips sent via email for selection & approval
Basic graphics added- name of subject, organization
Streamable from your Web site
1 disc copy of final clips

What to expect from Caboose Productions


Before anything can happen, we have to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, how and where you want it done, and in what timeframe it has to be completed. Are you considering using your own people, or will we need to select “talent”? Do you have storyboards, a script, or will we be creating them from your input and directions? Where do you want the filming take place?

We have a comprehensive Pre-Production Check List to get you started that helps us gather pertinent information so we don’t waste your time in endless meetings. Once we can reasonably anticipate the filming situations and logistics, we can provide more specific budget requirements (so there’ll be no surprises) and work with you to set a firm shooting schedule. Even with the best laid plans, as they say, things can change, so we remain flexible enough to get the shots you need to accomplish your goal, but without running roughshod over your budget.

One of the most important processes in video production is the creation of the storyboard and script. Experience dictates that the better prepared we are in pre-production, we better equipped we are to shoot and edit your video. Ideally, a storyboard makes it possible to visualize exactly how you expect the production to look. It can tell us about special camera angles, as well as what – if any – special equipment needed to accomplish this -- and it can give a real “feel” of how you want your “story” to be told.

Video scripts can range from a very detailed, blow-by-blow, word for word document…or it can provide a general outline with specific instructions about on-camera actions, music, dialogue, mood subtleties or environmental nuances. The kind of script you work with is dictated by your goals; the kind of people who will appear on camera and their speaking style and skills; and how flexible you are in reaching the final message. Some people work best with only key thoughts to direct them…while others have to memorize the exact words they will say. We recognize that there are many different styles and methods for delivering a message…and we try to stay flexible enough to work through the method best for our clients.

Video Production

The only common standard we have for video production is excellence. Each production is unique – the goals, approach, message, theme, mood and music are all different each time we get behind a camera. Some productions are as simple as recording a straightforward message, with a spokesperson speaking directly into the camera. The same process can be made more complex by editing in footage of people, places and things that complement what the speaker is saying. The process becomes even more complicated when graphics and music are added. So, what might start out as a two minute, one person message, can turn into a production that may call for hours of filming in a studio and even more hours in the mixing and editing in our production suite. Each step not only adds to the production time, it increases the budget, as well.

Being able to define what you expect at the outset is the best way to avoid costly surprises. We recognize that folks can change their minds…and sometimes, when it is obvious just how much better a production could be by making some minor – but more extensive – adjustments, the first impulse is to just say, “Go for it!” Our producers will always keep the budget in mind, and advise when changes during filming can impact the budget. This is not to squelch creativity or spontaneity, but to fulfill our basic goal of being cost-effective.

Once production objectives have been agreed upon, we will assign our top crews and reserve the appropriate equipment for your shoot. It is also essential to know if there are any time.

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